24th February constantia fresh

the 10th time at Buitenverwachting on Sunday 24 February 2019

Glen Foxcroft Williams

Longstanding pastry chef of La Colombe, Glen began his career as a trainee chef at the former Opal Lounge in 2009 while studying part time. Here he discovered an unexpected passion for pastry and soon had his eyes set on working at La Colombe. 

By December 2010 he had begun his tenure at La Colombe under then pastry chef, Ingrid Betton. In spring of 2011, at 21 years of age he was promoted to Pastry Chef at La Colombe.

2012 saw him compete for Pastry Chef of the year, conceding the title, but taking home the Rising Star Award for emerging talent.

It was around this time that the first vague idea of “Foxcroft” as a restaurant concept was born, curated by Scot Kirton

The name, being a family name, alluding to a sense of heritage.

With the realisation of Foxcroft coming to fruition in 2016, Glen is handing over the reigns at La Colombe to star pupil, Andrea Bruce, while he will still be somewhat involved in the creative work for a little while. 

For more information, visit www.foxcroft.co.za